Ward B1b | Psychotherapy ward for chronic affective illnesses

Doctor in charge

Prof. Dr. med. Frank Padberg (Consultant)

 The ward has twelve inpatient beds and day care treatment options and uses the CBASP approach for people with chronic or complex affective disorders. Patients are cared for in a friendly atmosphere by a team of doctors, psychotherapists, specialist therapists and nurses.

Main priority

We treat according to the cognitive behavioural analysis system of psychotherapy (CBASP) concept of James P. McCullough.
The CBASP approach is one of the interesting developments in psychotherapy in recent years. It assumes that because of negative defining experiences in their childhood people with chronic depression did not learn – or did not learn well enough – how to express their needs and wishes and to achieve their goals in social situations. Patients often assume that they have very few opportunities to exert influence, which often leads to depressive thoughts and feelings, feelings of helplessness and withdrawal from other people.

Treatment concept

With our help, patients learn to recognise how they affect other people or how others affect them. The causes in the sense of defining experiences in relationships are also worked on during therapy. This approach aims to enable patients to deal with other people in a more self-determined and flexible way and to have new, positive relationship experiences.
We also help patients by structuring the therapeutic relationship in a very personal and authentic manner, which is at the heart of CBASP therapy. In addition to individual therapy we offer various psychotherapeutic groups (CBASP groups, skills training on the basis of the dialectical behaviour therapy approach to support patients with emotionally unstable personality traits, mindfulness groups, interactional creative therapy and music therapy) and exercise therapy and yoga.


Because we are one of the first wards in the world to have introduced CBASP as a comprehensive inpatient treatment concept, we also perform scientific studies in addition to providing treatment. Our aim is to elucidate the background of chronic affective diseases and to continue improving treatment. Additional information: www.cbasp-network.org