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Ward I 11 at Campus Grosshadern| Specialist ward for acute psychosomatic illnesses

Doctor in charge

PD Dr. med. D. Eser-Valeri (Consultant)

Our ward is on Campus Grosshadern within the University Hospital Munich. We can treat sixteen patients in spacious four-bed, double and single rooms. Besides inpatient treatment we also offer day care treatment.

On our ward you will be looked after by a multiprofessional team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and physiotherapists as well as a ward assistant. 

Main priorities

Our ward was opened in May 2017 with the aim of optimising treatment by offering a holistic integrative treatment approach for patients with physical illnesses and consequent or pre-existing mental health problems. The location of our ward in the hospital at Campus Grosshadern enables a close exchange of medical information with the colleagues treating a patient’s physical illness and, if necessary, consultative support from non-psychiatric specialists.

Treatment concept

Physical illnesses are often accompanied by emotional and mental impairments which, in addition to the physical limitations, can further decrease the quality of life.

The treatment concept of our ward combines modern, evidence-based pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatments that are tailored to each individual and aligned with the special needs and individual abilities of patients with physical illnesses. Various group and individual programmes are offered. Psychosocial and psychotherapeutic programmes thereby focus primarily on the promotion of disease insight, coping and stress reduction. Stimulating and work-related activities can be arranged directly on the ward so that patients do not need to be transferred elsewhere.

Research and teaching

Our hospital gives you the option to participate in modern scientific studies on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of your particular illness.