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Consultation-liaison service for psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics at the hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich Campus Innenstadt and Grosshadern

Doctor in charge

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Daniela Eser-Valeri


Dr. Tatine Thorban, Angela Poeller, Veronika Poeller, Doctors on ward I11

The consultation-liaison service takes care of all psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and psychosomatic issues in all departments of the hospital. We provide interdisciplinary treatment for mental illnesses that express themselves as physical symptoms (e.g. somatisation disorders) or that cause physical symptoms (e.g. physical consequences of addiction disorders). To minimise complications in the course of treatment, we use a somatopsychic treatment plan for patients with severe physical illnesses that result in secondary mental symptoms (e.g. delirium, adaptation disorders).

Below you can find answers to the most important questions about our consultation-liaison service for psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics:

What kind of patients do we see?

Doctors from any department in the hospital can present inpatients to the consultation-liaison service. The service covers the full range of mental and psychosomatic illnesses. Consultation-liaison psychiatry evaluations are also performed as part of the preliminary examinations before someone is added to the waiting list for an organ transplant so that existing mental or psychosomatic illnesses can be evaluated and, if necessary, treated in order to optimise the success of the transplantation.

Do patients need to have a diagnosis already?

No, a prior diagnosis of a mental or psychosomatic illness is not necessary.

What happens in the consultation and liaison service?

If possible, to provide as much privacy for patients as possible we like to perform the psychiatric evaluation in the rooms of the consultation-liaison service (Campus GH, Level 0, Cube HI). In addition to performing a psychiatric evaluation and providing a consultation and crisis intervention, we treat patients with psychotherapy and medications. In close consultation with the main department providing treatment, we either treat patients while they are in that department or refer them to psychiatric in- or outpatient treatment after they are discharged from hospital.

How often does treatment take place in consultation-liaison psychiatry?

The number and frequency of appointments is highly dependent on the type and severity of symptoms and the individual treatment plan.

How do I register for a consultation?

The treating doctor must register a patient in writing via the KAS system. After KAS registration, appointments for elective consultations are made at both Campus GH and Campus IN by the administrative office in Grosshadern.

Emergency consultations

In case of emergency consultations that are needed during regular working hours at Campus GH, please also notify us by calling beeper 123-800 so that we can respond immediately. Between 4 p.m. and 9 a.m. on weekdays and at weekends and on public holidays, emergency consultations can be requested by ringing the primary doctor on duty at the psychiatric hospital, Tel. +49-89-4400-55511.

At Campus INN, emergency consultations are performed by the doctors on duty at the psychiatric hospital. In addition to the KAS registration please notify the doctor on duty by calling beeper 70-1553.


Consultation Services Administrative Office and Registration:
Angela Poeller, Veronika Poeller: Tel. +49-89-4400-72720 and +49-89-4400-72718, Fax +49-89-4400-75715, Tube mail GH: 3312.

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