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We are a hospital with an illustrious history

In 1904 the psychiatric hospital of the LMU was opened by Emil Kraepelin in the heart of Munich. Under its roof many famous researchers have helped psychiatry make decisive progress. This research has also resulted in new treatments that have benefited our patients.

Two of our most famous researchers were Emil Kraepelin, who played a decisive role in founding modern psychiatry as a clinical and scientific discipline, and Alois Alzheimer, who first recognised and described the senile dementia named after him.

At the turn of the century the architect Max Littmann, who also designed the Prinzregententheater in Munich, for example, erected the Wilhelminian style building. It is now listed and is referred to as the ’Kraepelin building‘. Renovation work was completed in early 1998 and the building has since served as a functional and research building. It also houses the psychiatric outpatient clinic and some of the specialist outpatient clinics. The old building transitions seamlessly into a new, postmodern style building, which houses the wards with 200 beds.
The old and new buildings are grouped around several beautiful gardens with mature trees.