Johanna  Clara Friederike Weiske MSc und medical student

Biologist, Research Assistant

PRONIA-Early Diagnosis


Research Focus

I started working in psychiatric research in 2015 when I completed my Master’s thesis on the prediction of clinical outcome in early psychosis patients using salience attribution test, resting state functional connectivity, and multivariate pattern analysis. Since then, my research interests have broadened to the investigation of alterations in functional connectivity and their relationship to neurocognitive functioning. As part of my PhD, I’m working on a video study which analyses intra- and interpersonal synchrony in body language comparing patients suffering from psychosis, depression and healthy individuals in order to find more objective diagnostic tools. I am currently enrolled at the Technical University Munich as a medical student and I peruse my doctoral degree as part of the PRONIA team.


Telefon: 089/440052731


PRONIA-Early Diagnosis

Hospital of the University of Munich
Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Nussbaumstraße 7
80336 München