Maria Fernanda Urquijo Castro MSc

Psychologist, Research Assistant

PRONIA-Early Diagnosis



Research Focus

I have been working in the field of translational psychiatry since 2014 when I completed my Master’s thesis using machine learning methods to identify specific functional brain patterns in individuals at clinical high risk for psychosis. My research interest then further developed towards investigating the biological sex effects on brain morphology across the psychosis continuum. 

The main goal of my current investigations as part of my PhD is to better understand different disease trajectories for males and females (sexual dimorphism) in psychosis and other psychiatric disorders. In particular, I am interested in how neurobiological factors relate to psychosis resilience in healthy individuals with high schizotypal personality traits.

In order to achieve these goals I work as part of the clinical team of PRONIA and at the same time I am coordinating TYPIA Study ( in the Munich area. 


Telephone: 089/440055610


PRONIA-Early Diagnosis

Hospital of the University of Munich
Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Nussbaumstraße 7
80336 München