Nora Penzel M.A., MSc

M.A. Musictherapist, MSc Neurocognitive Psychology

Research Assistant

PRONIA-Early Diagnosis

CIP Studie


Reseach Focus

After receiving my Master Degree in neurocognitive psychology at the LMU, my research interest was captured by investigations on neurobiological correlates of risk factors for psychosis. Specifically, during the three years of my doctoral program, I intend to investigate the role of cannabis as one of the most common environmental risk factors for developing psychosis.

Multivariate approaches can help us to further understand the adverse effects of cannabis on the brain structure, the symptom severity, the course of the disorder, and help for a further stratification of psychosis. In order to pursue these goals, I work as a member of the CIP and the PRONIA clinical and research teams.


Telephone: 089/440055866


PRONIA-Early Diagnosis

Hospital of the University of Munich
Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Nussbaumstraße 7
80336 München