Lana Kambeitz-Ilankovic PhD, Psychologist

Head of PNKT Study


Research Focus

I am the head of the Junior Research Group “Personalized Neuro-cognitive Training” at the Department of Psychiatry (LMU Munich). My team is dedicated to the development of neuro-cognitive treatments that are personalized to individual patients and thus provide efficient and targeted interventions.

Currently, I am finalizing my habilitation at the LMU and I am involved together with Prof. Koutsouleris in several research projects in the field of early recognition and intervention in psychiatric disorders.

In addition, I am supervising a young team consisting of PhD and master students investigating variability in response to neuro-cognitive interventions in psychosis.  

We use a comprehensive set of computer-based training tasks that allow us to target specific cognitive functions. By measuring clinical, cognitive and neuroimaging parameters before and after training, we aim to contribute to our current understanding of the biological mechanisms underlying neurocognitive training. Moreover, by generating specific prediction models we aim at the optimization of training with respect to cognition and psychosocial functioning.

Besides my own research activities, I am glad to be a lecturer for the Master Program 'Neuro-Cognitive Psychology’ (elite Network Bayern at LMU Munich) as spreading knowledge and passion for predictive psychiatry is equally important as our research work.


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