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Migration outpatient clinic

Doctors in charge

Dr. med. R. Mokhtari Nejad, Prof. Dr. med. O. Pogarell 

At the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University of Munich we provide a place for people with a migrant background to receive outpatient help. The specialist outpatient clinic is integrated in the psychiatric outpatient clinic of the hospital. To improve diagnosis and treatment we provide multilingual, culturally sensitive care.

By overcoming language barriers and taking into account culture-related perspectives we can provide professional, multimodal support to people with a mental illness who have a migrant background.
We perform diagnostic assessments and consultations in German, Farsi, Dari, Arabic, French and English. Our multiprofessional treatment team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and nurses.

1.    What kind of patients do we see?

We treat all (adult) psychiatric illnesses, for example:
•    Affective disorders (depressions, manias)
•    Post-traumatic stress disorder
•    Psychoses
•    Adaptation disorders and anxiety disorders
•    Addiction disorders

We provide both outpatient and day hospital treatment or therapy. Costs are covered by health insurance companies or welfare agencies.

Many refugees and asylum seekers have had traumatic experiences; we therefore offer a special consultation for these groups.

2.    Do I need to have a diagnosis already or can I also come if I think I have a particular illness?

You do not need to have received psychiatric treatment to register at our outpatient clinic. We strive to provide low-threshold services to patients with a migrant background who need comprehensive treatment because of the nature, severity or duration of their mental illness.

3.    What happens at the outpatient clinic?

We provide diagnostics and acute treatment for mental illnesses. Our offerings include the following:
•    Pharmacotherapy
•    Individual and group therapy
•    Care and treatment in issues related to social psychiatry
•    Close cooperation with practice-based psychiatrists and psychotherapists and with social psychiatry services

4.    Do I have to register beforehand, and/or do I need a referral?

Please register beforehand, preferably by telephone or by sending us an e-mail. Please bring your health insurance card or a voucher for medical treatment (German: ’ambulanter Behandlungsschein‘).

Contact (address, clinic hours, telephone)

Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Migration outpatient clinic

Dr. med. Rabee Mokhtari Nejad
Nussbaumstrasse 7
80336 Munich

Telephone hours: Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-12 noon
Telephone +49-89-4400-53307