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Driving ability clinic


Doctor in charge

PD Dr. rer. nat. Alexander BrunnauerCamelia Cimpianu


Dr. Verena Buschert, Michaela Wende, Andrea Geidobler, Evi Lehmann

We are interested in the safety of people with mental illness on the roads. Therefore, we perform traffic psychology performance tests to study patients’ driving ability. Furthermore, we give patients advice about the legal parameters for their illness and for motor traffic.

Below you can find answers to the most important questions about our outpatient clinic:

What kind of patients do we see?

In principle, any patient with a psychiatric diagnosis whose treating doctor has recommended that they have their driving ability checked.

Do I need to have a diagnosis already?

Yes. Our clinic can only test the driving ability of people with a diagnosed or existing mental illness.

What happens at the outpatient clinic?

  • First, we record a driving-specific history, tell the patient what will happen during the consultation and explain the relevance of the subsequent driving test. Then we perform the traffic psychology performance tests to evaluate the patient’s driving ability. These tests are also used as part of a medical-psychological evaluation of fitness to drive. Finally, we discuss the results with the patient and give advice about the legal parameters for the specific mental illness and motor traffic.

How often do I have to go to the outpatient clinic?

The consultation and testing take place at a single appointment. The whole appointment lasts about 45 minutes.

Do I have to register beforehand, and/or do I need a referral?

Written registration from a doctor or psychologist is mandatory. The form can be downloaded here. Please send the completed form to Ms. Evi Lehmann; the telephone and fax numbers can be found on the form.

Can I participate in studies?

Yes. Depending on the illness, we perform various studies on different topics. These include e.g. driving ability of people with tic disorders or untreated schizophrenia.

We do not issue expert medical statements on fitness to drive


If you have general questions about driving ability and the clinic, please contact Camelia Cimpianu, Tel. +49-89-4400-52774. 

Ms. Evi Lehmann (Tel. +49-89-4400-52727; Fax: +49-89-4400-53398) is responsible for all registrations. You can find a link to the registration form above.

The clinic sees patients every Wednesday afternoon from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in room A-120 (old building, 1st floor), Department of Psychological Testing.
Testing is free.

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Driving ability clinic
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