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Psychosocial counselling

In addition to providing medical and psychological care, the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the LMU has a social psychiatry counselling centre.
At the centre, both patients and relatives can get advice and assistance in case of social problems arising in connection with a psychiatric illness. All staff at the centre are social workers and must keep your information confidential.

The centre can support you with the following, for example:

Housing and living

  • Advice if you are having housing problems, difficulties paying your rent or conflicts with landlords
  • Help with applications for public housing
  • Advice and guidance when searching for places in a therapeutic community
  • Arranging help if you can no longer take care of your household on your own

Profession and work

  • Advice on problems in the workplace or if you are unemployed or at risk of becoming unemployed
  • Preparing for reintegration into an existing employment relationship
  • Clarification of new career prospects, e.g. education and further training
  • Assistance in applying for social benefits, e.g. unemployment benefits I or II, basic income

Livelihood and money

  • Advice on financial issues and debt
  • Clarification of eligibility requirements for social security
  • Assistance with applications, e.g. at public housing agencies, health insurance companies, pension companies

Family, partnerships and social environment

  • Advice in conflict situations with spouse, partner or family, including talks with couples and families and/or connection with suitable services
  • Arrangement of family support if children/relatives need to be cared for
  • Development of strategies to cope with the illness

Discharge and follow-up treatment

  • Advice on and initiation of outpatient, inpatient or day care therapeutic measures, e.g. treatment in day care units or specialist hospitals, medical rehabilitation, withdrawal treatment, psychotherapy, social and occupational therapy
  • Transfer to psychosocial contact and advice centres, day centres, social psychiatry services, self-help groups, community support groups
  • Accommodation in residential or nursing home, if required
  • Arrangement of outpatient medical or nursing assistance or social therapy

Discharge and follow-up treatment

Participation in therapy groups after discharge from inpatient care

If you still want to participate in group therapy after your hospital stay, you can do so by asking your treating specialist for a referral and attending groups at our psychiatric outpatient clinic. Please contact Ms. Laubacher for information and registration.

Individual consultations with relatives

As a relative, your main concern will be how to respond in a meaningful and helpful way to the illness of someone who is close to you. Our individual consultations can help you with this.

In addition, as part of each of our multiprofessional groups for relatives our social psychiatry services organise an information evening where you can find out about what we offer and ask questions. The lead psychologist can tell you the dates.

Patients and relatives should please contact the person responsible for the respective treatment unit:


Inpatient wards


Staff member




Ms. Bauer




Ms. Fink




Ms. Gerl



B2 / B1b

Ms. Sebelin



B3 / C2

Mr. Hörger




Ms. Thiel




Ms. Ertl




Ms. Laubacher




Ms. Stratz



Outpatient clinics and day care unit

Outpatient clinics

Ms. Laubacher



Private outpatient clinics   

Ms. Bauer



Day care unit   

Ms. Fink



Addiction day care unit

Ms. Theuerl