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Dear Patients and Relatives, Dear Visitors

We are glad that you have found your way to us and want us to help you. Here at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University of Munich we provide all patients with treatment that is carefully tailored to their individual life situation.
We offer three different options for care: outpatient care – day care – inpatient care.
The most important means of diagnosis is the doctor-patient conversation: our doctors will spend a lot of time exploring the cause of your illness. For example, they will ask about your physical health, recent events in your life and stressful situations that can cause a disease. They will also perform the latest scientific tests to make sure you do not have any physical diseases.
Of course, all evaluations will be kept confidential! We offer a variety of treatments ranging from highly specialised psychotherapy programmes to occupational and physical therapy and treatment with psychopharmaceuticals. During your treatment we will proceed very carefully and coordinate the separate treatment modules closely with you. Most psychopharmaceuticals are not additive and do not change your personality. On the contrary, they support healthy personality traits and improve illness-related issues. The psychosocial counselling centre at our hospital will help you with any social and familial problems that may arise because of your mental illness.