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Psychology & Education


PD Dr. med. Cornelius Schüle

Deputy head

PD Dr. med. Gabriele Koller

Teaching team

Dr. Kambeitz, Ms. Behler, Ms. Lenk

Administrative assistant for teaching, organisation

Ms. Gabriele Jahn

The course teaches the principles of the general and specific psychopathology of mental illnesses. It also covers topics such as the diagnosis, aetiology, epidemiology and treatment of mental illnesses. To provide a foundation for students’ subsequent clinical work, we present topics in a practically relevant way and give a range of clinical examples.

Since autumn 2016 study materials have been made available on the learning platform of the medical faculty, Moodle. You are given your user name for Moodle at registration. To log in, please go to

Course slides are made available in Moodle under ’Additional information/psychopathology course‘ (German:’Zusatzangebote/Vorlesung Psychopathologie‘). You can also search for the slides in Moodle by typing ’Vorlesung Psychopathologie‘ or ’Psychopathologie‘ in the field ’Kurse suchen‘ (English: ’Search for courses‘). The enrolment key is provided during the course or can be requested by sending an e-mail with your student number to the administrative assistant for teaching.

The course lasts 2 semesters. At the end of each semester there is a written examination on the course content.