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Study centre psychiatry - SZP

Department study coordinator

Dipl. Ing. Thomas Görlitz

As a psychiatric university hospital our tasks go beyond providing comprehensive support to people in crisis or difficult life situations and treating people with mental illness.
As a hospital where famous researchers such as Alois Alzheimer and Emil Kraepelin already helped psychiatry make decisive progress, we see it as our duty to conduct basic research and perform a wide variety of studies to expand clinical knowledge and thus open up new treatment options for patients.

Our study centre aims to enable interested parties to obtain information about current research projects, ask questions about the various areas of clinical research and find out everything they need to know about participating in a study.

We help researchers at our hospital implement their various research projects; for example, we support and help them in:

  • Evaluating studies proposed by companies
  • Preparing the necessary documents
  • Entering data into electronic databases (eCRFs)
  • Developing and preparing so-called patient files to document research results
  • Collecting the necessary materials (e.g. for blood sampling)
  • Ensuring proper storage of study drugs (e.g. monitoring access and temperature)
  • After completion of the study, archiving study documents in the study archive in accordance with legal requirements

Regular qualification of everyone involved in studies – doctors, psychologists, nursing staff – to comply with regulations and important institutions:

  • AMG and MPG – (German Drug Law and Medicinal Products Act)
  • GCP and ICH - (Good Clinical Practice and International Conference for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use)
  • BfArM and PEI as BOBs – (Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices and Paul Ehrlich Institute as higher federal authorities)
  • Local and leading ethics committees

In other words, the SZP is the single point of contact for everyone involved in clinical research – patients and researchers alike.


Study Centre Psychiatry
Tel: +49-89-4400-52769

Study coordinator
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