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The Psychiatric Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) has a long tradition in science. Famous researchers such as Emil Kraepelin, the founder of modern psychiatry, and Alois Alzheimer made substantial contributions to the treatment of mental illness while working here.
Of course, as a university hospital scientific research is still a top priority for us. We are one of the leading psychiatric research hospitals in Germany. Nevertheless, we always adhere to the guiding principle that research is performed for people. Therefore, our projects and studies are mostly financed by independent sponsors such as the federal government.
Numerous research groups work in our scientific departments. We are performing research on new brain stimulation methods, the development of specialized psychotherapy programmes and the early detection of mental illness with modern imaging techniques, to name just a few examples. Whether you are a doctor, scientist, student or interested layperson, you can find out about the full range of our research activities and publications here. The hospital also offers numerous opportunities to work as a postgraduate student. We look forward to meeting you!