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Working Group on Metabolism in Psychiatry (MiP)

Focus: Prediction of metabolic changes associated with psychopharmacological treatment

Head:  Dr. Richard Musil, Consultant at the hospital

The Working Group on Metabolism in Psychiatry is dedicated to studying techniques to predict side effects of certain medications. In particular, we are interested in predicting weight gain associated with certain antidepressants, antipsychotics and mood stabilisers. Steady weight gain can result in overweight, which in turn increases the risk of developing a metabolic syndrome, diabetes and, ultimately, cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, many patients discontinue their medications because of unpleasant side effects and thus continue to have the symptoms of their mental illness, which can then also become chronic. The initial, preliminary results of our research show that eating behaviour before the start of drug treatment is a key predictor of weight gain within the first four weeks. Therefore, we are currently conducting a pilot study to evaluate a psychoeducational ’Module on eating behaviour‘ that is tailored to patients with weight gain.

Ongoing projects

  • Metabolism in psychiatry - MiP I
  • Metabolism in psychiatry - MiP II: Pilot study to evaluate a module of a psychotherapeutic prevention programme to change eating behaviour.

We currently unable to supervise any dissertations.



Barbara Barton (psychologist, MSc, research assistant)
Tel.: +49-89-4400 55316


Nicole Adler (psychologist, BSc, master’s student)

Katharina Engl (dentist, doctoral student)

Anja Zagler (dentist, doctoral student)

Leonie Rihs (doctor, doctoral student)