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Neurodiagnostic Applications


Prof. Dr. Nikolaos Koutsouleris  

Post-doc Researchers                    

Dr. Dominic Dwyer,  Riya Paul

PhD Students                                                                 

Adyasha KhuntiaRachele Sanfelici MSc, Maria Fernanda Urquijo MSc

Psychiatry Residency/PhD Student

Ömer Faruk Öztürk M.D., Dr, med. David Popovic, Santiago Tovar M.D.

Study Manager

Adriana Herrera M.D.

Data Scientist

Anne Ruef

Machine Learning Engineer 

Mark Sen MSc

Project Manager

Susanne Miedl

The Neurodiagnostic Applications Section was founded in 2013 by Prof. Koutsouleris with the aim of developing machine learning methods for diagnostics and prediction in psychiatry. Since this time, the team has grown to 30 employees from different fields of medicine, psychology, and computer science. Promising research results from various projects (total funding > 2.5 million euros) have already been presented and published in more than 40 scientific articles. The team leads the EU-funded project PRONIA (Prognostic Tools for Early Psychosis Management) that has recruited a clinical cohort of more than 1500 test persons who were extensively clinically and biologically characterized. In addition, decisive progress has been made in establishing an efficient scientific infrastructure such as the development of a system for the management of clinical data and the production of machine learning software (NeuroMiner;

The Neurodiagnostic Applications Section is a leading member of several national and international research networks, such as the two large-scale NIH projects HARMONY (MH081902) and NAC-PS (PA-16-160), with the aim of using data integration to advance the development of machine learning methods for psychiatric prediction. In addition, junior lab leaders (Dr. Kambeitz & Kambeitz-Ilankovic) run several local research projects on personalized neuro-cognitive training, cannabis-induced psychoses, and the computational modelling of brain functional changes in psychoses.

For detailed information see our projects.


Neurodiagnostic Applications
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