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NeuroMiner Machine Learning School

The NeuroMiner Machine Learning School was first conducted in 2018. NeuroMiner is a machine learning software written by Prof. Nikolaos Koutsouleris in MATLAB that can be operated with little coding experience with a text-based menu system. This gives clinical researchers access to cutting-edge tools that can be used for predictive medicine and has been used for multiple publications.

Goal: The aim of this school is to introduce the participant to psychiatric machine learning with a specific focus on diagnostic and prognostic neuroimaging.

Structure: Fundamental machine learning concepts are introduced in lectures and the participant is guided through practical tutorials using software that does not require programming experience. By the end of the course, the participant will be able to plan and implement his own machine learning analyses with multiple types of data (e.g., clinical, biological, and neuroimaging).

Highlights of the school:

  • Progression from data entry to advanced techniques (e.g., fusion and stacking)

  • Hands-on tutorials using own computers in small groups guided by a tutor (n=10)

  • Guest lecture from a machine learning expert

  • A machine learning competition on the last day

  • At the end of the machine learning school, the participant will be able to plan and conduct its own NeuroMiner analyses using varied data


Previous Machine Learning Schools experiences

  1. Machine Learning School October 2018

  • It was conducted in the LMU psychiatric clinic on Nußbaumstraße in Munich.

  • 35 Participants were registered

  • The course had an excellent rating

    Medical course participant: “I feel confident now”


  1. Online Machine Learning School September 2020

  • It was conducted by the ECNP Neuroimaging Network, the Section for Neurodiagnostic Applications, and the

    Max Planck Fellow Group for Precision Psychiatry.

  • 124 Participants were registered for the general course, 50 participants attended specific tutorials conducted by 5 instructors.

  • The course had an excellent rating

Next Machine Learning School:

On October 2021 is intended to be conducted the next Machine Learning School. Further information will be posted during the following months