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Our research interests comprise the identification, production and evaluation of new tracers for medical imaging, especially for positron-emission-tomography (PET). Furthermore, we focus on the development of modern radiolabeling strategies and process automation on synthesis platforms. Cyclotron nuclides such as 18F, 11C, and 64Cu, but also generator based nuclides such as 68Ga und 99mTc are immediately available on-site. The radiopharmacy unit is involved in numerous research projects, amongst others in the leading edge cluster SyNergy (Munich Cluster for Systems Neurology), the German Center for Vertigo and Balance Disorders (IFB LMU) and numerous DFG (German Research Foundation) and EU promoted collaborative research activities, e.g. SFB 842 and EU´s horizon 2020 research and innovation programme iNanoBIT. Numerous collaborations exist with industrial partners from the pharma and medical technology sector.