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International patients

The Munich Transplant center offers complete service for patients visiting the hospital from countries outside Germany. We have created a modern competency center, which today is one of the leading transplantation programs worldwide. A large team of specialists jointly provides care for our patients before and after transplantation, and ensures the best possible outcome of treatment.

The Munich transplant program was one of the pioneers in transplantation in Germany. Milestones of the rich transplantation history in Munich are the development of the first anti-rejection serum (ALG) and the first simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplant in Germany in 1979. Since its foundation our transplant program has performed more than 5000 kidney transplants, 1000 liver transplants and 500 pancreas transplants. Currently, the Department of Surgery performs about 50 liver transplants and 100 kidney transplants per year, a large number of these from living donors.


We offer the complete transplant service to Eurotransplant area residents and living kidney and liver transplantation to residents from non-ET countries.