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Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Schockraum    PIPS

The pediatric intensive care unit of the Dr. von Haunersches Kinderspital was founded in 1969 as one of Germany’s first intensive care center for children. We take care of infants, children and teenagers with all kinds of diseases on an emergency basis or who require intensive care medicine. Acute and chronic diseases can be treated with up to date diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Per year we treat about 500 patients.

Our highly trained and experienced team includes 25 nurses, five physicians working in shifts as well as three attending doctors and the department director. Despite all the “high-tech”, we provide sensitive, individual and patient-oriented care. We also cooperate closely with all other departments of the hospital, which makes the high standard of our work possible.

The department has a total of 10 fully equipped intensive care units. These are split into two large rooms, one burn isolation unit and a monitoring room. The room for burn victims (Isolation unit, Laminar Air Flow) provides accommodation for two burn patients, but is also usable for the isolation of immunosuppressed or infectious children. For some, mostly chronic diseases, our monitoring room makes it possible to treat a child with the parents present.

The bronchoscopy department is directly connected to our station. We also have a specialized “shock room” for first response treatment. In cases of in-house emergencies our resuscitation and emergency team will respond within minutes.

One additional note:

lachen auf der PIPSNot all children at our department are terminally ill. As you can see from some of our photos we do have some fun from time to time!

For parents who live far away from Munich, the nearby “Project Omnibus” provides free accommodations. There you will be well cared for by our priest “Pater Engelbert” and his team.