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Welcome to the Research Centre KUBUS


Research at the Dr. von Haunersches Children´s Hospital

Most research groups in the children’s hospital, oriented on experimental studies in the field of basic research, are located in the laboratories of the research center „KUBUS“. It’s a center for many national and international studies and is top ranking in the quality and quantity of publications in Germany.

The center follows a modern multidisciplinary research structure, where biochemists, pharmacists, biologists and physicians work together on projects in the fields of functional gene therapy, immunology, biochemistry, bioinformatics and epidemiology, in terms of new clinical applications.

Special emphases include research in the treatment of cystic fibrosis, surfactant therapy, genetic basis of asthma and allergies, procedures such as newborn screening, identification of the genetic basis of metabolic disorders and therapeutic research in leukemia and other tumors.

Some research groups, mainly in the field of clinical research (for example: coagulation, nephrology, cardiology and vaccine-preventable diseases), are located outside of the “KUBUS” and in the neurological laboratory.