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Witter K, Sala M, Zahn R, McNicholas A, Volgger A, Albert ED.: A novel A*24 allele, A*2442, was detected through routine bone marrow donor screening. 

Tissue Antigens. 2005;65(6): 567-70 (Impact(2005)=2.747, Impact(2009)=2.33) 

Witter K, Volgger A, Zahn R, Scholz S, Albert ED.: Bone marrow donor routine HLA typing identified a novel B*07 allele, B*0734, confirmed by allele-specific DNA cycle sequencing. 

Tissue Antigens. 2005;65(5): 497-9 (Impact(2005)=2.747, Impact(2009)=2.33) 

Dalla Pozza R, Kleinmann A, Bechtold S, Netz H.: Impedance cardiography and beat-to-beat blood pressure monitoring in diagnosis of syncope in long-QT syndrome. 

Z Kardiol. 2005;94(11): 767-771 (Impact(2005)=1.194)


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