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Analysis and Monitoring

Head: Dr.rer.nat. Rudolf Schierl


The working group performs environmental- and biomonitoring for questions of occupational and environmental medical matters.


One main focus is, for example, the examination of contaminations when pharmacy and hospital staff are dealing with cytostatics. For this purpose, we have recently developed a practical swab sample concept whereby contaminations can not only be detected but also evaluated.

Link to detailed information concerning swab samples


Another focus is the analysis of endotoxins and allergens in diverse research projects. One current project is investigating concentrations of ultrafine particles and nanomaterials at different workplaces and in the environment.  We recreate specific scenarios in our climatic chamber and examine health impacts in trial volunteers.


We analyse blood and urine samples of our patients daily to detect harmful substances by means of various sensitive analytic methods (AAS, Voltammetry, GCMS, HPLC etc.).