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Listserver ArbMedNet

ArbMedNet is a medium for exchange of information and opinions concerning occupational, environmental and other related medical issues. Anyone involved in research, teaching and practice is invited to take part.



Contents of interest: Announcements of conferences, symposia, workshops and colloquia -- sources of general interest information (print media, internet etc.) -- information about new guidelines and regulations  -- contributions to the discussions of general interest topics -- requests for advice with occupational or environmental medical questions -- job advertisement and requests and similar matters.


How does ArbMedNet work?


Any email that you send to arbmednet@listproc.klinikum.uni-muenchen.de as a registered user will be forwarded to the approximately  2000 members of the listserver. The mailing list is administered at our institute, however the actual listserver (that is to say the  programme/software ) for ArbMedNet as well as other mailing lists) is managed by the MIT (Medizinisch-Administrative Informationstechnologie) of the LMU clinic.