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Clinical Research Group 241

(funded by the DFG)

The CRG 241 intends adding knowledge to the complex biological underpinnings of the longitudinal course of affective disorders, especially schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Integration of longitudinal aspects to the future classification systems of DSM-V and ICD-11 finds no parallel in psychiatric biological and particularly genetic research - actual efforts as a priority focus on large cross-sectional samples but rarly on establishing longitudinal cohorts. In this respect we want to fill this gap by investigating large samples with a phenotype of interest, fuctional parameters and environmental factors. Based on up-to-date-knowledge and long-time experience in psychiatric genetics and neurobiology we established a research netwok comprising the domains of genomics and epigenomics, phenomics, neurobiology, and the investigation of environmental factors.

Building on a vast body of already available knowledge and long-standing own experience in the fields of psychiatric genetics and neurobiology, we currently implement a research framework comprising the four domains genomics and epigenomics including pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics, phenomics, neurobiology, and the study of environment.

The findings of the Clinical Research Group will substantially contribute to a better understanding of the molecular biological determinants of the longitudinal course of psychosis and their complex interactions with the environment. This in turn will hopefully contribute to the development of therapies improving the long-term outcomes of psychosis.