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Improving Recognition and Care in Critical Areas of Bipolar Disorders

(BMBF 01EE1404H)

The BipoLife Network, funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), aims on improving the knowledge of critical aspects in diagnosis and treatment in the course of Bipolar Disorder (BD). The course of BD is very heterogeneous, for which reason individuals suffering from this disease can have different diagnostic and therapeutic needs.

Thus the network focuses on a more precise prediction of future episodes with mania or hypomania in individuals with yet not diagnosed BD. Due to inconsistent previous studies we focus on different risk groups: adolescents contacting early diagnosis centers, adolescents with diagnosed ADHD and individuals with depressive disorder. The use of specific questionnaires and interviews is supposed to help predicting specific symptoms or symptom constellations. Additional information via e.g. imaging data shall support detecting whether there exist changes in brain functionality previous to the first episodes of mania or hypomania.

The network furthermore is interested in the neurobiological mechanisms playing a role in suicidality plus genetic mechanisms influencing the response to lithium therapy.

The studies will be accompanied by comprehensive projects. One of them will be the construction of a central state-of-the-art database working with specific IT infrastructures as SecuTrial and StarLims to enable a multicentric collection of high quality study data. The strict separation of identifiying data and study results by the Department of Medical Informatics in Göttingen guarantees highest level data protection.