Role of pericytes in CADASIL

08.10.2015 - A study by Ghosh and colleagues (Plesnila lab) published in the Annals of Neurology demonstrates that pericytes are critically involved in the initiation of CADASIL, an inherited small vessel disease. Hence, protecting pericytes may represent a novel therapeutic strategy for this disorder [more...]


The first preclinical RCT

06.08.2015 - An international team coordinated by Arthur Liesz (ISD) completed the first preclinical RCT as a response to the „replication crisis“ in translational research. The study validated the efficacy of the anti-CD49d antibody in brain ischemia. The results are published in this week’s issue of Science Tra [more...]


Opening Ceremony of the CSD

21.05.2015 - Numerous guests followed the symbolic hand over of keys by state minister Dr. Ludwig Spaenle. “This is a great day for science and a great day for our patients” said Prof. Karl Walter Jauch, director of the Klinikum der Universität München. Representatives from the ISD, DZNE, and both medical faculti [more...]


Shared genetic basis for migraine and stroke

05.05.2015 - By analyzing genome-wide data from stroke and migraine consortia ISD investigators showed that common variants at a substantial number of genetic loci influence risk of both ischemic stroke and migraine, with strongest overlap between migraine without aura and both large artery stroke and cardioembol [more...]


Hannelore Kohl Foundation Award

09.03.2015 - Dr. Nicole Terpolilli, a clinician scientist working in the Laboratory of Experimental Stroke Research (Prof. N. Plesnila) received the prestigious 2014 Hannelore Kohl Foundation Award for her publicat [more...]

Remote cortical effects after ischemic stroke

01.04.2015 - Remote effects of infarcts are considered determinants of stroke outcome. This study demonstrates loss of both white and grey matter in distant brain regions connected to infarcts, suggesting secondary [more...]




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