New Network on Small Vessel Diseases

01.01.2016 - ISD investigators engaged into a 5-year collaborative program to uncover common mechanisms and pathways in different forms of cerebral small vessel disease. The new network (SVDs@target) involves investigators from Europe and North America and is funded through the Horizon2020 scheme (coordinator: M. Dichgans). [more...]



23.12.2015 - Dr. Arthur Liesz from the ISD has been admitted to the Emmy-Noether-Program of the German Research Foundation (DFG). His group will be funded with 1.3 million Euro over 5 years to investigate mechanisms of „Brain-released alarmins in acute brain ischemia“. [more...]


New Program on Stroke and Dementia

01.12.2015 - December 2015 marks the start of a 5-year program to uncover mechanisms and pathways implicated in both stroke and dementia (CoSTREAM). The program involves multiple investigators and SMEs from across Europe and is funded through the Horizon2020 scheme. [more...]


Chair for Vascular Biology

06.11.2015 - Jürgen Bernhagen moved his lab to ISD on Nov. 1st. He was appointed Chair of Vascular Biology and is a member of SyNergy and SFB1123. Following his PhD and a postdoc in New York, Prof. Bernhagen pre... [more...]

Role of pericytes in CADASIL

08.10.2015 - A study by Ghosh and colleagues (Plesnila lab) published in the Annals of Neurology demonstrates that pericytes are critically involved in the initiation of CADASIL, an inherited small vessel diseas... [more...]



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