HDAC9 and Atherosclerosis

05.11.2014 - A new study by ISD investigators published in the STROKE journal shows that HDAC9 represents the disease-relevant gene at the stroke risk locus on 7p21.1. Our findings offer novel mechanistic insights and have implications for the development of novel preventive strategies [more...]


Cerebral SVD and TGF-β signaling

05.11.2014 - a new study published in the PNAS journal links a reduction of TGF-β signaling to the hereditary small vessel disease CARASIL and provides a mechanism by which loss-of-function mutations in HTRA1 interfere with release of TGF-β from the extracellular matrix [more...]


Multi-national EU grant awarded to ISD

22.10.2014 - Ali Ertürk and Nikolaus Plesnila were awarded a multi-national grant from Era-Net Neuron. Consortium (CnsAflame) partners from Germany, Sweden, France, and Israel will try to unravel the role of neuroinflammation in cognitive decline after traumatic brain injury. [more...]


"The Ego" by Martin Wöhrl

09.10.2014 - A 4m high cast bronze sculpture of a broken vase called “The Ego” by the artist Martin WÖHRL has been erected in front of the new CSD building. The sculpture represents the restoration and preservation [more...]

A new twist in CADASIL pathogenesis

10.08.2014 - A study led by Christof Haffner (ISD) and published in Acta Neuropathologica Communications sheds light on the molecular mechanism underlying the inherited small vessel disease CADASIL [more...]




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