Cysteine-sparing NOTCH3 mutations

21.01.2015 - The role of cysteine-sparing NOTCH3 mutations in CADASIL has been debated for a long time. Using single-particle analysis ISD investigators now demonstrated enhanced aggregation behavior similar to typical cysteine mutations. Their work published in the STROKE journal has implications for diagnostic decision-making. [more...]


Alarmins in brain-immune communication

15.01.2015 - A new study by A. Liesz and colleagues identifies alarmins, in particular HMGB1, as key mediators of the complex peripheral immune alterations after stroke. Alarmins are released from necrotic brain tissue to the circulation and show profound effects both in mice and humans [more...]


Cerebral SVD and TGF-β signaling

05.11.2014 - A new study published in the PNAS journal links a reduction of TGF-β signaling to the hereditary small vessel disease CARASIL and provides a mechanism by which loss-of-function mutations in HTRA1 interfere with release of TGF-β from the extracellular matrix [more...]


Multi-national EU grant awarded to ISD

22.10.2014 - Ali Ertürk and Nikolaus Plesnila were awarded a multi-national grant from Era-Net Neuron. Consortium (CnsAflame) partners from Germany, Sweden, France, and Israel will try to unravel the role of neuroi [more...]

HDAC9 and Atherosclerosis

05.11.2014 - A new study by ISD investigators published in the STROKE journal shows that HDAC9 represents the disease-relevant gene at the stroke risk locus on 7p21.1. Our findings offer novel mechanistic insights [more...]




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