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Era-Net Neuron multi-national grant

26.10.2017 - Farida Hellal and Nikolaus Plesnila were awarded a multi-national grant from Era-Net Neuron. Consortium (MISST) partners from Germany, France, Spain, Poland and Latvia will collaborate to unravel the mechanisms underlying long-term disability after stroke... [more...]


Adolf Wallenberg Prize

21.09.2017 - Marco Düring from the ISD has been awarded the Adolf Wallenberg Prize for outstanding cerebrovascular research by the German Stroke Society (DSG) and German Neurological Society (DGN)... [more...]


ISD opens new state-of-the-art facility for stem cell research.

11.09.2017 - The ISD research group for neurobiology – led by Prof. Dominik Paquet - opened a new stem cell research facility at the CSD building to investigate dementia, stroke and related diseases in novel human brain tissue models derived from patient stem cells... [more...]


Fritz Thyssen Foundation Award

24.03.2017 - Dr. Ali Ertürk received a competitive grant from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation awarded to young scientists working in the field of Medicine and the Natural Sciences. Dr. Ertürk will investigate the m... [more...]

The choroid plexus is a key cerebral invasion route for T cells after stroke.

04.08.2017 - ISD researchers have identified the choroid plexus as a previously unrecognized key structure for cerebral T cell invasion into the brain after stroke. These findings are of high relevance for clini... [more...]



Prof. Dr. med. Martin Dichgans

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