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WHS Symposium on Dementia Prevention by Stroke Prevention, Oct 13th 2018

09.04.2018 - Please save the date to participate into a high-profile International Symposium on Stroke and Dementia that will take place in Berlin on the occasion of the 10th World Health Summit 2018. The registration will opened soon. Follow the link to find out more... [more...]


A novel link between the chemokine MIF and B lymphocytes in atherosclerosis

23.03.2018 - The Bernhagen lab at ISD together with collaborating labs uncovered a previously unrecognized connection between the atherogenic chemokine-like cytokine MIF and B cell function in atherosclerosis. The study appeared in last week’s volume of The FASEB ... [more...]


Action Plan for Stroke in Europe 2018-2030

21.03.2018 - The European Stroke Organisation (ESO) in collaboration with the Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) convened leading experts in stroke research and care to an international workshop targeted at identifying current challenges in the prevention and treatment of stroke, set the goals for the next deca... [more...]


Era-Net Neuron multi-national grant

26.10.2017 - Farida Hellal and Nikolaus Plesnila were awarded a multi-national grant from Era-Net Neuron. Consortium (MISST) partners from Germany, France, Spain, Poland and Latvia will collaborate to unravel th... [more...]

Stroke exacerbates atherosclerosis.

15.03.2018 - The Liesz lab discovered that an experimental stroke leads to progression and increased vulnerability of atherosclerotic plaques and identified the underlying immunological mechanism. This study whi... [more...]



Prof. Dr. med. Martin Dichgans

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