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Second funding period of SFB1123 approved

26.05.2018 - The Collaborative Research Center SFB1123 „Atherosclerosis – Mechanisms and Networks of Novel Therapeutic Targets" has been approved a second funding period. The ISD contributes to the LMU led network with two projects, headed by Martin Dichgans/Yaw Asare (project B5) and Jürgen Bernhagen (project A3), as well as flanking project C1 (Arthur Liesz)... [more...]


Young Investigator Award 2018 by ESOC for Steffen Tiedt

25.05.2018 - Steffen Tiedt, a clinician scientist at the ISD has been awarded the Young Investigator Award 2018 by the European Stroke Organisation (ESO) for his work on serum Neurofilament Light as a marker for neuroaxonal injury after stroke... [more...]


MIF protects from postoperative complications after cardiac surgery

17.05.2018 - Complex heart surgery may lead to organ dysfunction such as acute kidney injury (AKI) or ischemic stroke. A researcher team led by Aachen University and the Bernhagen lab found that patients with high blood levels of the cytokine MIF had a reduced risk of developing AKI. MIF was protective in expe... [more...]


WHS Symposium on Dementia Prevention by Stroke Prevention, Oct 13th 2018

09.04.2018 - Please save the date to participate into a high-profile International Symposium on Stroke and Dementia that will take place in Berlin on the occasion of the 10th World Health Summit 2018. The regist... [more...]

HTRA1 loss-of-function in CADASIL

07.05.2018 - Isolation of CADASIL patient brain vessels in combination with proteome analysis identified loss of HTRA1 proteolytic function as a critical step in the development of disease pathology providing no... [more...]



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