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Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research (ISD)

The ISD strives to advance therapeutic options in stroke and dementia. It is equally committed to comprehensive patient care and research and provides the highest quality in preventing, diagnosing and treating both stroke and cognitive decline thus offering the best service to patients, their families, and referring physicians.

The foundation of ISD bears on the initiative of Zygmunt Solorz-Żak, who sought to create an internationally recognized center providing highly competitive interdisciplinary and translational research in the fields of stroke and dementia.

The focus of ISDs research is on genetics, the identification of novel molecular targets, on cellular mechanisms, the role of the immune system in stroke, mechanisms of neuronal loss and cognitive decline, and the development of novel therapeutic strategies.

Since 2015 the ISD is located in the new Center for Stroke and Dementia Research (CSD) building which hosts, an outpatient clinic, comprehensive research infrastructure including a human MRI research scanner, animal MRI/PET, proteomics unit, isotope labs, a zebrafish facility, wet labs, confocal microscopy, electron microscopy, two-photon microscopy and more.