New Recruit

15.07.2016 - Ozgun Gokce is a molecular biologist with an interest in cell identity and cell-cell interactions. Coming from Stanford (USA) his team combines state-of-the-art animal models with high throughput single cell approaches to define and functionally explore individual cell types relevant to human disease processes. [mehr...]


Cell diversity revealed by single cell RNAseq

15.07.2016 - In an article published in Cell Reports Ozgun Gokce and colleagues reveal unexpected diversity of striatal cells using scRNAseq. They also describe continuous expression gradients within individual cell types. [mehr...]


Role of Vascular Factors in Migraine

22.06.2016 - A Genome-wide association study with involvement of ISD investigators has identified 38 susceptibility loci for migraine including 28 novel loci. The results lend further weight to a vascular etiology of migraine and emphasize genetic overlap with stroke [mehr...]


New Program on Stroke and Dementia

09.05.2016 - The new EU-funded project CoSTREAM targets targets common mechanisms and pathways in stroke and Alzheimer’s disease to improve disease prevention and treatment, by combining clinical, genetic, epide... [mehr...]

Novel risk loci for large and small vessel stroke

14.04.2016 - In a series of genome-wide association studies (GWAS) ISD investigators in collaboration with other scientists from the international stroke genetics consortium (ISGC) recently identified several ri... [mehr...]



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