Interfering with the Chronic Immune Response

22.09.2016 - Traumatic brain injury (TBI) frequently causes chronic complications including epilepsy and dementia. A new study by Ali Ertürk and colleagues shows that TBI causes a long-lasting brain immune response that parallels neurodeneration. Limiting the invasion of immune cells prevents neurodegeneration and improves motor function. [mehr...]


New biomarker for small vessel disease

09.09.2016 - In a large, collaborative study, ISD researchers established and validated a novel imaging biomarker for cerebral small vessel disease. The marker is based on skeletonization of white matter tracts and diffusion histograms. [mehr...]


Seeing through entire organisms

23.08.2016 - Ali Ertürk and his team developed novel technology that allows making entire organs and organisms transparent. The new method provides the basis to map neuronal, glial, and vascular connections in the entire lab animals and in human brains. The work was published in Nature Methods and highlighted ... [mehr...]


Role of the gut microbiome in stroke

11.08.2016 - A recent study by ISD researchers reveals a bidirectional interaction between the brain and gut microbiome after experimental stroke. Post-stroke dysbiosis induces a neurotoxic immune response. The study was published in the Journal of Neuroscience and was featured by various media reports [mehr...]


New Program on Stroke and Dementia

09.05.2016 - The new EU-funded project CoSTREAM targets targets common mechanisms and pathways in stroke and Alzheimer’s disease to improve disease prevention and treatment, by combining clinical, genetic, epide... [mehr...]

Tract-specific WMH and network function in AD

08.08.2016 - A study by Michael Ewers and team published in Alzheimer's and Dementia shows that age-related white matter hyperintensities (WMH) in specific vulnerable WM tracts are associated with impaired netwo... [mehr...]



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