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Resources at ISD

Research at ISD is greatly facilitated by the following resources:

  • A dedicated research building (Center for Stroke and Dementia Research, ~8500 sqm) on HighTech CampusLMU hosting the ISD and the German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases Munich.
    The building will integrate:
    - an outpatient clinic for patients with cerebrovascular disease, cognitive impairment, and related conditions run by ISD
    - laboratory space
    - technical core facilities including micro MRI/SPECT
    - an animal facility (mice, zebra fish etc.)
    - seminar rooms, flexible space, administration.

  • Unrestricted and continued funding for research and management. Sustained funding is granted through The Solorz-Żak Research Foundation.

  • Starting in 2009 the medical faculty has started to advertise and fill multiple faculty positions including positions for department leaders (W3) and independent research groups (W1 and W2). In general, professorships will be established as tenure-track or tenured positions ranging from assistant to full professor. In addition, there will be junior research groups installed at the ISD.

  • Access to in-patients with stroke and dementia is granted through close collaboration with the Dept. of Neurology (Klinikum der Universität München) and the interdisciplinary stroke center munich.