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Homoarginine Improves Function in Heart Failure

Low homoarginine (HA) is an emerging biomarker for cardiovascular diseases. In collaboration, Dorothee Atzler from the Vascular Biology team at the ISD showed that HA is more than a bystander biomarker, since HA-supplementation helps to support cardiac function in chronic heart failure in mice [mehr...]


Tracing the neuroimmune response in AD

The emergence of neuroinflammation in the pathological cascade of Alzheimer’s disease is still unknown. The teams of C. Haass (DZNE) and M. Ewers (ISD) demonstrated dynamic changes in the novel biomarker of microglia activity, called TREM2, to be closely coupled to neurodegeneration occurring seve... [mehr...]


Dominik Paquet joins ISD as Professor of Neurobiology

December 1st, 2016 coming from The Rockefeller University (New York, USA), Dominik Paquet has joined the ISD. He was appointed Professor for Neurobiology and is a member of the Munich Cluster for Systems Neurology (SyNergy). Following his PhD at the LMU Munich, Prof. Paquet ... [mehr...]


Interfering with the Chronic Immune Response

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) frequently causes chronic complications including epilepsy and dementia. A new study by Ali Ertürk and colleagues shows that TBI causes a long-lasting brain immune response that parallels neurodeneration. Limiting the invasion of immune cells prevents neurodegeneration... [mehr...]


New Program on Stroke and Dementia

The new EU-funded project CoSTREAM targets targets common mechanisms and pathways in stroke and Alzheimer’s disease to improve disease prevention and treatment, by combining clinical, genetic, epide... [mehr...]

New biomarker for small vessel disease

In a large, collaborative study, ISD researchers established and validated a novel imaging biomarker for cerebral small vessel disease. The marker is based on skeletonization of white matter tracts ... [mehr...]



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