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miRNA set as a novel biomarker for ischemic stroke

Using RNA sequencing and qRT-PCR in three independent samples of acute ischemic stroke patients ISD researchers established a set of 3 circulating microRNAs (miR-125a-5p, miR-125b-5p and miR-143-3p) as a promising blood-based diagnostic marker for the early phase of ischemic stroke [mehr...]


Fritz Thyssen Foundation Award

Dr. Ali Ertürk received a competitive grant from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation awarded to young scientists working in the field of Medicine and the Natural Sciences. Dr. Ertürk will investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying synapse/spine degeneration in acute brain injuries with this grant su... [mehr...]


Atheroprotective function for COP9 signalosome

Applying preclinical models of atherosclerosis and myeloid-specific gene knockout, an international team led by ISD researchers found that the deNEDDylase CSN5, a subunit of the COP9 signalosome that controls cellular protein degradation processes, has protective functions in the pathogenesis of a... [mehr...]


Role of α-1-antitrypsin in large artery stroke

An exome-wide association study led by ISD investigators found M1(A213V) in SERPINA1 to be associated with stroke, with the variant changing its functional dynamics towards neutrophil elastase in the presence of lipid-containing plasma [mehr...]


Dominik Paquet joins ISD as Professor of Neurobiology

December 1st, 2016 coming from The Rockefeller University (New York, USA), Dominik Paquet has joined the ISD. He was appointed Professor for Neurobiology and is a member of the Munich Cluster for Sy... [mehr...]

Neural substrate of cognitive reserve in Alzheimer’s

More years of education is associated with reduced risk of Alzheimer’s dementia. ISD researchers found that higher connectivity of a hub region in the frontal cortex may subserve protective effect... [mehr...]



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