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Jürgen Bernhagen

Jürgen BernhagenJürgen Bernhagen moved his lab to ISD on Nov. 1st. He was appointed Chair of Vascular Biology and is a member of SyNergy and SFB1123. Following his PhD and a postdoc in New York, Prof. Bernhagen previously held positions as a group leader at Fraunhofer IGB and as a Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology at RWTH Aachen University. His research centers on mechanisms in inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases with a focus on cytokines, atypical chemokines, signaling complexes, and atherosclerosis, a main underlying condition of ischemic stroke.

In addition to gaining basic mechanistic insight into vascular pathobiology, these mechanisms will be specifically studied in the context of large vessel and ischemic stroke, as well as cerebral/(micro)vascular pathogenesis to identify novel, potentially differentially regulated, pathomechanisms in stroke and dementia. Read more about Vascular Biology Research Group at ISD.



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