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STandards for ReportIng Vascular Changes on NEuroimaging (STRIVE)

STRIVECerebral small vessel disease (SVD) is a common accompaniment of ageing. SVD has multiple appearances on neuroimaging including recent small subcortical infarcts, lacunes, white matter hyperintensities, microbleeds and brain atrophy. SVD frequently coexists with neurodegenerative disease and may exacerbate cognitive deficits, physical disabilities, and other symptoms arising from neurodegeneration. The terminology and definitions used to describe imaging features of SVD vary widely as do protocols for image acquisition and image analysis. This lack of consistency obstructs progress in determining the contribution that SVD makes to the pathophysiology and clinical expression of common neurodegenerative diseases.


Against this background, an International working group of the Centres of Excellence in Neurodegeneration completed a structured process to develop definitions and imaging standards for specific manifestations of SVD. The group was charged with the following tasks: to i) provide a common advisory terminology and definitions for imaging features of SVD visible on magnetic resonance (MR) imaging (MRI), ii) suggest minimum standards for their image acquisition and analysis, iii) agree on standards for scientific reporting of small-vessel-related changes on neuroimaging, iv) review emerging imaging methods for detecting and quantifying preclinical manifestations of SVD. The results apply to research studies and in addition can be used in the clinical setting to standardise image interpretation, acquisition, and reporting. The main outcomes of this international effort to provide the STandards for ReportIng Vascular Changes on NEuroimaging (STRIVE) are published in the August issue of Lancet Neurology.



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