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Euregio Cardiovascular International Research Training Group GRK1508 (EuCAR) 'Arterial Remodeling'


eucar logoEuregio Cardiovascular International Research Training Group GRK1508 (EuCAR) 'Arterial Remodeling'

 The Euregio Cardiovascular International Research Training Group (EuCAR) builds on the unique asset of a close proximity (< 30 km) and an extensive and complementary network of bilateral collaborations between the RWTH Aachen and Maastricht Universities. Given the enormous significance of cardiovascular disease for morbidity and mortality in western societies, the EuCAR research program is focused on the underlying macrovascular pathobiology and pathophysiology of Arterial Remodeling, namely athero sclerosis and plaque destabilization, but also therapeutic arteriogenesis and arterial tissue engineering. A main goal is to introduce novel and relevant cellular and molecular targets from related fields, e.g. immune mediators and growth factors (Nature Med 2007;13:587, Nature Rev Immunol 2007;7:467, Circulation 2007;115:2516, Circulation 2008;117:70, Circ Res 2008;102:209). The scientific environment of EuCAR is endorsed by the DFG Forschergruppe 809 'Chemokines and Adhesion Molecules in Cardiovascular Pathogenesis' and the DFG SFB542 'Molecular Mechanisms of Inflammation'.

In a bilateral approach, each project is supervised by a professor and tenure-track assistant each from Aachen and Maastricht, implementing individual mentoring and qualification profiles. The teaching program is based on the PhD and MD/PhD programs in Aachen and Maastricht and linked by specific modules, soft skill training, master classes, lecture series, international annual workshops and an eLearning platform. Fulfilling publication criteria and credit point requirements, successful graduates will receive a double degree (German Dr. rer.nat. and Dutch PhD).


PhD positions

P1 Gene profiling of unstable atherosclerotic plaques
Supervisors: Zenke / Daemen

P2 Mast cells in arterial plaque destabilization
Supervisors: Weber / Biessen

P3 Matrix Gla-protein (MGP) and arterial calcifications in fetuin-A-/- mice
Supervisors: Jahnen-Dechent / Floege / Vermeer

P4 Two-photon microscopy for cell imaging in atherosclerotic arteries
Supervisors: Uhlig / Post, van Zandvoort

P5 Shedding of proatherogenic mediators from vascular cells
Supervisors: Ludwig / Hackeng

P6 The role of IKKs in atherosclerosis
Supervisors: Bernhagen / Weber / de Winther

P7 Molecular mechanisms of platelet microparticle formation
Supervisors: Weber / Heemskerk

P8 Differential effects of angiogenic growth factors in monocyte subsets
Supervisors: Weber / Trautwein / Waltenberger

P9 The CD40/CD40L axis in arterial neointima formation
Supervisors: Weber / Daemen

P10 Role of the complement cascade in arterial injury
Supervisors: Weber / Buurman

P11 Arterialization of vein grafts in uremia
Supervisors: Floege / Jacobs

P12 Cytoprotective effects of nitrite in ischemia / reperfusion injury
Supervisors: Kelm / Buurman

P13 MIF as a CXCR ligand in vasculogenesis and therapeutic collateral growth/arteriogenesis
Supervisors: Bernhagen / Post

P14 Arterial tissue engineering: improving endothelial integrity and function
Supervisors: Schmitz-Rode / Kelm / Post




Direktor: Prof. Dr. med. Christian Weber

Institut für Prophylaxe und Epidemiologie der Kreislaufkrankheiten (IPEK)


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