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PI Soehnlein

Myeloid Cells in Vascular Inflammation and Therapy

Atherosclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disorder of large arteries. Following initial endothelial dysfunction, leukocytes start to infiltrate the arterial vessel wall contributing to lumen narrowing and ultimately to plaque rupture clinically evident as myocardial infarction or stroke. Bone marrow- and spleen-derived myeloid cells such as monocytes and neutrophils are crucially involved in atherogenesis, atheroprogression, and atherothrombosis. Our group focuses on recruitment of monocyte subsets and neutrophils to large arteries and on the investigation of pro-atherogenic mechanisms promoted by these cell types. 


Current themes:

Mechanisms of hypercholesterolemia-induced changes in leukocyte homeostasis

Functional responses of neutrophils in atherosclerosis

Damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs) during early processes of atherosclerosis

Mechanisms underlying neutrophil-mediated monocyte recruitment in atherosclerosis


Key publications:

  • Soehnlein O. The multiple roles of neutrophils in atherosclerosis.Circ Res, 2012;110:875-88.
  • Döring Y, Drechsler M, Vijayan S, Kemmerich K, Wantha S, Weber C, Gallo RL, Soehnlein O. Neutrophil-derived cathelicidin promotes atherosclerotic lesion formation.Circ Res, 2012;110:1052-6
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  • Soehnlein O, Wantha S, Simsekyilmaz S, Döring Y, Megens RTA, Mause SF, Drechsler M, Smeets R, Weinandy S, Schreiber F, Gries T, Vijayan S, van Zandvoort MAMJ, Agerberth B, Pham CT, Gallo RL, Hackeng T, Liehn EA, Zernecke A, Klee D, Weber C, Neutrophil-derived cathelicidin protects from neointimal hyperplasia.Sci Transl Med, 2011; 3:103ra98.
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Von links nach rechts: Oliver Soehnlein, MD, PhD; Jean-Eric Alard, PhD, post-doc; Patricia Lemnitzer, Lab tech; Henrick Friese, doctoral student; Claudia Geissler, Lab tech; Sarawuth Wantha, MSc, PhD student; Maik Drechsler, PhD, post-doc; Almudena Ortega-Gomez, PhD, post-doc; Helene Hartwig, MSc, PhD student; Jürgen Pyta, MSc, PhD student (mit Dr. Remco Megens); Klaus Kemmerich, MSc, PhD student.


Prinicpal Investigator:

PD Dr. Dr. med. Oliver Söhnlein



Prof. Dr. med. Christian Weber

Institute for Cardiovascular Prevention (IPEK)


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