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We warmly congratulate Janina Maria Jamasbi for PhD Prize !

17.07.2019 - Alumni IPEK student Janina Maria Jamasbi, was awarded a PhD award from the Munich University Society for her outstanding PhD thesis on (the): "Comparison of known and development of new therapeutic approaches to inhibit the interaction of thrombocytic glycoprotein VI with atherosclerotic plaque". [mehr...]


Not just supporting actors

24.06.2019 - Non-classical monocytes were long thought to play a purely surveillance role in the immune system. With the aid of a novel marker (PD-L1), IPEK sientists have now shown that they are directly involved in the regulation of immune response. [mehr...]


Christian Weber recognised as top-rated World Expert by Expertscape

24.06.2019 - We are delighted that Prof. Weber came first as World Expert in Atherosclerosis in the most recent Expertscape Ranking. [mehr...]


Promoting self-healing after heart attack

11.06.2019 - IEK researchers from the Söhnlein Lab have shown that a protein which stimulates the resolution of inflammatory reactions enhances cardiac repair following heart attack in both mice and pigs. [mehr...]