Congratulation to Michael Lacy for receiving 2020 ESC Young Investigator Award

04.09.2020 - We are delighted that IPEK scientist Michael Lacy has been awarded the ESC Young investigator Award for his presentation at the ESC Congress in the category Basic Science.The conference has taken place virtually from 29th August until 1st September 2020. [mehr...]


DZHK Paper of the Month

15.08.2020 - We are delighted that DZHK Board of Directors rewarded IPEK scientists for their recent publication as Paper of the Month for July 2020. [mehr...]


How a miRNA binds and inhibits Caspase-3 to confer vascular integrity

04.06.2020 - IPEK researchers have discovered a new mode of action and molecular function of a microRNA that preserve integrity of the endothelium and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. [mehr...]


Hitting HIT

31.12.2019 - Heparin is widely used as an anticoagulant, but evokes in some patients a potentially life-threatening condition called HIT. IPEK scientists have now shown that inhibition of a single enzyme may markedly reduce this risk. [mehr...]


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