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Prof. Hohlfeld

Prof. Dr. Hohlfeld

Our institute is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of neuroimmunological diseases, that is, autoimmune disorders of the nervous system. In autoimmune diseases, the immune system “erroneously” attacks the body´s own tissues. By far the most frequent of these diseases is multiple sclerosis.

The Institute of Clinical Neuroimmunology was founded in 1999. It is the first university institute in Germany focusing on neuroimmunological diseases. [Continue]


Prof. Dr. Kerschensteiner


open position: PostDoc and PhD

The Kerschensteiner Lab is looking for a postdoctoral researcher and a PhD candidate

14.06.2016 - We are looking for postdoctoral researchers and PhD candidate that are interested in studying the in vivo pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis in collaborative projects with the Misgeld lab at the Technical University Munich. For more details see attached documents: [more...]

Nat Commun. 2016 Apr 4;7:11153. doi: 10.1038/ncomms11153.

CD8(+) T-cell pathogenicity in Rasmussen encephalitis elucidated by large-scale T-cell receptor sequencing.

23.05.2016 - We analyzed the immunopathology of Rasmussen encephalitis, a rare pediatric epilepsy, by deep sequencing of T cell receptor chains. We identified public T cell clones, i.e. clones that are shared between different patients. This suggests that antigen-driven T cell expansions are a major cause of t... [more...]

Brain 2016: 139; 1312–1324 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/brain/aww053 . [Epub ahead of print]

Cytotoxic T cells go awry in inclusion body myositis

26.04.2016 - [more...]


Auf der Suche nach neuen Wegen zur Neuroprotektion

01.01.2016 - Klinische Studien mit unerwartetem Ausgang können die Basis für neue Erkenntnisse sein. Obwohl die Depletion von B-Lymphozyten vielversprechend bei der Multiplen Sklerose (MS) ist, führte das Block... [more...]

Progressive MS Alliance

20.01.2016 - Interview mit Prof. Dr. med. Reinhard Hohlfeld, Direktor des Instituts für Klinische Neuroimmunologie im Klinikum Großhadern der Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität München, stellvertretender Vorsitzend... [more...]

The Meinl lab at the Institute of Clinical Neuroimmunology is looking for a PhD candidate

06.04.2016 - The Institute of Clinical Neuroimmunology offers a position for a PhD student (m/f) In the area “immunopathogenesis of multiple sclerosis”. [more...]