ag_bareyre_gruppenfoto AG Dornmair Gruppenfoto

Bareyre Lab

Dornmair Lab

Spinal Cord Repair

Target antigens of autoreactive T- and B-cells in autoimmune diseases


ag_kawakami_group_2018 ag_kerschensteiner_gruppenfoto ag_kuempfel_gruppenfoto

Kawakami Lab

Kerschensteiner Lab

Kümpfel Lab

Live imaging of CNS autoimmunity

Neurobiology of Multiple Sclerosis

Clinical Neuroimmunology


ag_liebscher_group_233 AG Meinl Gruppenfoto ag_peters

Liebscher Lab

Meinl Lab

Peters Lab

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Immunopathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis

Adaptive immune responses in CNS autoimmunity, Emmy Noether group