The Peters lab at the Institute of Clinical Neuroimmunology (KUM, LMU) is seeking a

Master student in CNS autoimmunity (m/f/d).

We are working on the specific role of B cells and T cells in the induction of CNS autoimmunity in the mouse model for Multiple Sclerosis. Our focus is the interaction between autoreactive B and T cells in initiation and progression of pathogenic inflammatory processes.
We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic candidate that shares with us the desire to learn and gain insight into the cellular and molecular mechanisms of disease pathogenesis. Previous experience working with mice, flow cytometry and molecular biology techniques is desirable but not required. We are a very young dynamic team offering intensive mentoring and training. The master thesis project will be conducted in close collaboration with an established team member and is scheduled to begin at the earliest possible date. It involves varied techniques including primary B cell culture, manipulation via Crispr/Cas9 and retroviral expression systems, multi-parameter flow cytometry and molecular biology.
Additionally, embedment of the group in the Institute of Clinical Neuroimmunology provides an exciting stimulatory environment and allows insights into clinically relevant aspects of Multiple Sclerosis research.

Please address your application including your CV via e-mail to:

Dr. Anneli Peters
Institute of Clinical Neuroimmunology
Großhaderner Str. 9
82152 Martinsried