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Welcome to the Institute for Medical Education of the University Hospital, LMU Munic

Director: Prof. Martin Fischer, MME (Berne).

Through the Institute for medical education's activities in teaching and research, we seek to contribute to better quality patient care. The Humboldtian ideal of a union between research and higher education is therefore our fundamental principle.
On behalf of the Faculty of Medicine and in the context of the Institute‘s specific projects, we work in the areas of education and advanced training in medicine, and generally, healthcare.

Applying qualitative and quantitative methods in empirical educational research, we are committed to the following goals:

  • Establishment of quality standards in teaching and assessment

  • Evaluation of learning and teaching

  • Qualification of educators and learners in high-quality teaching and assessment

  • Concepualization and implementation of teaching and learning technologies

  • Development and implementation of innovative, educational projects through a strong association between research and teaching

  • Analysis of processes in clinical decision making

  • Analysis of scientific career paths

  • Researching in communication and health, while taking into account the interdisciplinary approach to patient care

In order to further these projects, we work in a strong cooperation with colleagues from the psychological and educational science institutes, as well as the general and specialised university didactics departments.