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Mid-term review meeting

09.11.2017 - The mid-term review meeting of Immutrain took place on Thursday November 9th 2017 in Munich.

The members of Immutrain, the project officer of the Research Executive Agency, Mr. Ricci and the reviewer Mr. Backovic met together to assess the progress of the training network. Professor Endres, coordinator, welcomed the participants, commemorating briefly the 150th anniversary of Marie Sklodowska Curie. After the presentation of Mr. Ricci and Mr. Backovic on the main points of the review and reporting, each project leader presented her or his team. Professor Endres, PD Dr. Kobold, scientific coordinator and Ms. Gautier, project manager, presented the main achievements in terms of science, training, networking and management. Regarding the transmission of knowledge in immunotherapy of cancer, the Early Stage Researchers (ESR) participated until now to four training events bringing together 216 participants and 64 international speakers. The project leaders of Immutrain went to 68 scientific conferences as speakers and the ESR contributed to six publications in scientific press, including in the journals Nature and Science. More than 1000 persons, scientists, non-scientists, children or students attended the events organized by the partners like Lab visits. The ESR were actively involved in dissemination activities on social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. Each ESR presented his or her project results and the individual training. After the session between the fellows, the project officer and the reviewer, all the members met for the conclusion of the program. The meeting was very productive for everyone and was a unique opportunity to get an inside in several aspects of the project. The feedback and the recommendations were very positive, constructive and encouraging for the next two years.