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Kinderkardiologie, Oberärzte und Chefarzt

Senior physicians of the Pediatric cardiology

Director Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Haas
(extreme left),
Deputy Head Prof. Dr. Robert Dalla-Pozza (center),
Senior physician Dr. Beatrice Heineking (left), 
Senior physician Prof. Dr. Ingram Schulze-Neick (center front)
enior physician Dr. André Jakob (front right),
Senior physician Dr. Marcus Fischer (extreme right)

Leiter Nikolaus Haas

Professor Dr. Nikolaus Haas

Director; Interventional Procedures in Congenital Heart Disease, Pediatric Intensive Care, Thoracic Organ Transplantation, Circulation Support Systems, Imaging Techniques in Pediatric Cardiology; Paleocardiology. Consultation by Appointment

Senior Consultants
Dalla Pozza 300

Prof. Robert Dalla-Pozza

Deputy Head of Department, Head of Catheter Laboratory & Interventions, Prevention, Endothelium-Research

Marcus Fischer Marcus Fischer

Head of Normal unit (G9A), cardiac imaging (MRT), special consultation (EMAH, Rhythmology, Heart transplantation)

Beatrice Heineking Beatrice Heineking

Head of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (G9B). Human Resources Management. ECMO and Ventricular Assist Programmes

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Andre Jakob

Dr. med. André Jakob

Head of the pediatric cardiology outpatient clinic at the Dr. von Haunerschen Children Hospital

Matthias Hübner

Dr. med. Matthias Hübner

Head of Pediatric Intesive Care Transport, Pediatric Emergency Simulation Training