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FAMULUS´s aim is to contribute to the implementation of national educational standards for teacher training and medical education through digital university teaching. The online case simulations convey the necessary complicated, and uncertain knowledge, appearing in complex situations. For this purpose, we provide a teaching system which deals interactively with learning contents, and stimulates learning-friendly handling processes with a practical application perspective, which, with its adaptive feedback component, could also be found beyond the fields of medicine and teacher training.

What is meant by “diagnosing”?

We define “diagnosing” as the specific collection and integration of information, for the purpose of uncertainty reduction, in order to make the best possible medical and pedagogical decisions.

Project goal

We would like to determine conditions for the effective use of computer-based case simulations, to promote diagnostic skills in university education. Our main idea is to generate knowledge about the design of case simulation environments for higher education, which would also be applicable beyond the fields of medicine and school teaching.