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The German Center for Vertigo and Balance Disorders is an interdisciplinary Center for Research and Treatment of Vertigo, Balance and Ocular Motor Disorders.

The aim of the Center is to establish a patient-oriented interdisciplinary research institution in which different methods (from molecular to system analysis and mathematical modeling) are used to tackle the following fields of research:


  • to create an independent patient-oriented research and treatment center
  • to overcome clinical and academic barriers between the different disciplines
  • to establish a standardized interdisciplinary network for the treatment of patients
  • to establish a study infrastructure for prospective multicenter clinical trials
  • to promote translational fields of research
  • to offer new attractive training paths and job descriptions for doctors, natural scientists and engineers in clinical research
  • to establish new groups of young scientists and professorships to expand the existing excellenc
  • to integrate into the degree programs of the graduate schools and research training groups