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Dizziness diary

Dear Patient:

You can help your doctor get more insight into how your medical condition is progressing by regularly making entries in the Dizziness
Diary. These entries are very helpful for the diagnosis and treatment of your illness.

How to use the Dizziness Diary:
Please enter the following information to describe each attack of dizziness that you experience:


P= postural vertigo (a feeling of unsteadiness, as if on a ship)

R = rotatory vertigo (a feeling of spinning, as if on a merry-go-round)

G = gait unsteadiness

L = light-headedness, giddiness





Trigger of the attacks

1 head movement
2 change in head position
3 standing up from sitting position
4 walking
5 visual stimuli
6 certain specific situations
7 cough, sneeze
8 other




Accompanying conditions

A nausea
B vomiting
C diplopic images
D other vision disorders
E falling
F headache
G hearing disturbances
H tinnitus
I feeling of pressure in ears
L light sensitivity or sensitivity to noise
M other

Note down your therapy

1 positional maneuvers
2 physiotherapeutic exercise
3 rest
4 medication for nausea
5 pain pills
6 other


Important additional information

(blood glucose level, blood pressure, etc.)






Here you can download the Dizziness Diary as a pdf file