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Information on Vertigo and Balance Disorders

What is vertigo

Vertigo is either an unpleasant sensation of spatial disorientation or an erroneously perceived movement (spinning/swaying) of the body or the environment. When a patient makes the general, ambiguous statement that he feels dizzy, his medical history should be carefully taken... [more...]

Examination methods

It is especially important to take the patient's history carefully and to perform neuro-ophthalmological and neuro-otological examinations when a patient ambiguously reports feeling "dizzy". The history and the clinical examination should first differentiate between peripheral vestibular and central vestibular forms of vertigo. [more...]

Most frequent diagnoses

The following are the most frequent diagnoses established in ... [more...]


Treatment strategies for the various forms of vertigo include drugs, physical-rehabilitative therapy, psychotherapeutic measures and rarely surgery [more...]