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Physiotherapy for Dizziness

Physiotherapy for dizziness

Patients with specific clinical pictures (e.g. unilateral or bilateral loss of equilibrium or previous brainstem or cerebellar infarct) who visit our dizziness clinic receive a flyer with exercises developed by our physiotherapists. The flyer is designed to inform patients about the most important principles of therapy and enable them to do the exercises on their own. However, the flyer is no substitute for an individual training program under the supervision of a physiotherapist with experience of patients with dizziness. We recommend the home exercises to supplement treatment with a specialist physiotherapist.

It is essential that the correct diagnosis is made first before any exercises are done. The treatment should only be started after a consultation with a doctor with experience of dizziness, balance disorders and gait disorders. The exercises must be appropriate for the diagnosis.

In the German Center for Vertigo and Balance Disorders, we offer physiotherapy with experienced dizziness therapists for certain disorders within the scope of studies. The main prerequisite for participation in the treatment studies is a consultation at our center and confirmation of a specific diagnosis. When you come for a consultation, we will check whether you meet all the other requirements for participation in a particular study. Patients who do not live in Munich can also take part in treatment programs (e.g. individual homework program with monthly telephone support).


If you would l ika a copy of our flyer "Physiotherapy for Dizziness" please contact us under esser[at]nefo.med.uni-muenchen.de.